Hi! I'm Sean. I'm a student in the University of the Philippines. I code for fun. I've written code that many people used already. I blog to express not impress. I've been coding for nearly 5 years already, and still learning. I code, blog, support open source, read, play, listen, and learn. Read more…

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  • PSHS-EVC Election System
    GNU General Public License v3
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    An election system I developed using Python for use during the student government elections in PSHS-EVC last August 2016. The election system is being powered by Botos, a small-scale election system that I developed that is designed to be used in any small-scale elections. The system supports dynamic candidates, voter registration, and templating. The code for Botos is available over at GitHub. This system succeeds the previous election system I created for the same school and is less flexible.

  • Eastern Vista Website
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    A website I developed using WordPress for a local news organization on January 2016. It is built with necessary features that one would expect in a news website.

  • Push 'Em Over
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    This is a video game project my classmates and I developed for our Computer Science class in university. It is developed using Java and utilizes the LibGDX game development library and Box2D for the physics.

  • Classified Information
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    Currently, I am working on a 2D video game project. I plan to release it on Windows, macOS, and Linux. If things go well, I might decide porting it over to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and a handful of other platforms. Additionals details cannot be disclosed at the moment.