ANNOUNCEMENT: Now doing a gameplay series of Fez

Posted by Sean Francis N. Ballais on December 24, 2015 11:14 PM

I have an announcement everyone. It might be a bit odd for me but I’m now doing playthroughs over at Youtube. The first game I am currently making a playthrough out of is Fez. It’s an excellent indie game from 2012. You should try it out!

I already got two videos uploaded with my Fez gameplays.

Here’s part 1. This is my debut video and I actually took four takes on the first video alone because of technical difficulties (Hey! I was just starting out okay?). Beware that my voice over in this video can’t quite be heard in some points because I set the volume of the game higher than my microphone’s volume.

And here’s part 2 of my Fez gameplay series. This one only took two takes because the disparity between the volume of the game and the microphone was quite far and I only found that out after recording. So I had to adjust the volume and do another take. But hey, the audio from the microphone is now better and you hear the voice over more clearly. And apparently, in this episode, I kept on falling a lot. So, should I add a death count that dings every time I fall in my future videos?

And that ends this announcement. I hope you enjoyed the videos.

Want to suggest a game for me to play? What do you think of my videos? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below.

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